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X-Men Links

Your source for X-men Linkage

X-men Links
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for X-men fans to post links to their sites. This community can be regarded as a linkage source. Everyone is welcome to join and post their links for all to see.


1.) Only text links, LJ tags, URL links and button links allowed. Pictures are allowed to be submitted as image links but please, nothing too large.
2.) When posting your link please give a brief description of what the link is and what the containing page will be about. This may make others more interested on going there.
3.) I’ll allow any links related to the X-men universe. This means Marvel, X-Men: Evolution, X-Men the movie, and X2 are all accepted.
4.) This community is generally for posting fan-based websites, RPGs, and other LJ community links, but anything else is fine.
5.) No links to porn or anything of that sort. Let’s keep it clean people.
6.) This community is not for random X-men discussion or submitting icons or fanworks. That can be done elsewhere. This community is just for providing links. If you want to comment on a link someone else has provided, that’s okay.
7.) Make sure the links you provided are not accidentally broken links. If the page does not appear, you have submitted a broken link. Edit your post and make sure you have not mistyped the URL.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions, e-mail me!