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Marvel/DC Multiverse RP [Sep. 20th, 2010|10:07 pm]
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The last time the ultimate beings known as The Brothers became aware of each other, they collided in a conflict that nearly destroyed their two multiverses. Then, for a time, they became one. When they did so, they combined not only themselves, but the many inhabitants of those multiverses. This created what would from then on be referred to as the "Amalgam" universe, and gave rise to such heroes as Dark Claw, Iron Lantern, and Amazon. It also became the home of villains such as the Green Skull, Catsai, and Dare. But their world existed only briefly, and through the work of two cosmic beings and a man called Access they were once more separated. The time of separation was years for the multiverses, however to the Brothers, it was surprisingly brief.

Then, as if urged by the irresistable hand of fate, the Brothers came together again. This time though, it was different. They came not with anger, but with peace. Armed with the lessons they had learned from their last attempt the Brothers chose to allow their creations to decide for themselves, subconciously and instantaneously, to continue living separately, or return to their lost lives from the forgotten Amalgam Universe.
Game Overview
The MDC world consists of characters from Marvel, DC, and Amalgam universes. We've got tons of characters available! Play them canon, or mix things up and tell a new story with the Amalgam system! The choice is yours. Movieverse, Comic, and animated verses are all accepted here. Take part in our community wide events, such as our Summer's End story arc, and the currently ongoing search for Dr. Fate, Dr. Strange, Charles Xavier and Jean Grey.
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