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[May. 23rd, 2007|05:26 pm]
X-men Links


Date Last Posted: Months ago
Format: Play by post messageboard
Genre: X-Men Evolution
Name: Evolution Unbound
Contact: fuzzytale  or evolutionunbound@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.rpgscene.com/eu/
Minimum Age Requirement: 18
Deadline: No

Specific Requirements: We're mostly looking for a few Evo canon characters as well as a couple of 616 canons who were introduced to the game and have some history. Top of the list at the moment is Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) but we're also looking for Ray Crisp (Berserker), Tabitha Smith (Boom Boom), Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver), Betsy Braddock (Psylocke) and Clarice Ferguson (Blink). We'd also be willing to consider Forge, Alison Blaire (Dazzler) and Evan Daniels (Spyke). Some of the characters listed have game history (Kitty and Betsy's are most extensive) but we'd be willing to work with a good applicant who wanted some edits or retcons.

Game Description:
Evolution Unbound is a canon-only X-Men RPG based in the Evolution-verse. The game is set after the end of the series and focuses on character development through plots - small and large, player-driven and mod-run. We started out with a primarily Evo-canon cast of experienced RPers and there are a few spots still open. Occasionally, we also open up comic-canon characters for application to be brought in through plots.

We're a very friendly game with immensely creative players - so, if you're looking to join a fun game with a laid back atmosphere and talented writers, drop on by. Knowledge of Evolution-verse not required for most characters, as we'll be glad to bring you up to speed on anything you need to know. So, ever wondered what some of your favorite mutants were like as teenagers? This is the place to find out.