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[Feb. 20th, 2007|05:17 am]
X-men Links



Website. Community. Journals. Logs. OOC.

It's been over 4 months since the cure scared the mutant community into action, culminating in a surprise attack on Alcatraz by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, who only discovered too late that the X-men had already taken their target, Leech, away into safety. However, it was all for naught when it slowly came out that the cure was temporary, and it left the world in shock and awe. Now the Brotherhood is in shambles, and the mutants at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters have one less thing to fear. All seems right with the world, or is it? Former members of the Brotherhood have sought out (and have been granted) sanctuary in the confines of Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters, but can their word be trusted?

NyMutants is a post X-men 2 game located on LiveJournal. We classify ourselves as AU because our almost 4 years running has made it impossible to stay with the movie-verse entirely. Our game brings in many aspects of the comic world while applying "movie" (AKA; ration everyday) logic to it. We adopted a few of the X-men 3 storylines into our game, but there was no big fight at Alcatraz, and no pointless Xavier death.

We have adoptable canons, and we take original characters as well. This is an all power level game, so weak characters may join as well as powerful ones. Just please, no Mary Sues. We do run on real world logic. Any canon's that are not in the movies may also be added, if their backgrounds are reflective of the movie universe. If you have an idea but feel it isn't whole, we're glad to help you flesh it out.

If you have any more questions, or are interested in joining, feel free to IM one of our moderators with any questions you may have.
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