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Plethora Acadamy [Sep. 26th, 2006|08:04 pm]
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Plethora Academy is looking for Students, a counselor, and some teachers

Plethora Academy

A new school for mutants has opened it's doors. Courses are listed, schedules made, and teachers hired. Breaking away from the publicity around the Xavier Institute some of the X-men have left to open Plethora Academy. It's situated on the West Coast instead of East, but is open to just about everyone. We accept OC's and canon characters. If you want to take a new student from marvel with no history and revamp them how you want. Minus new powers of course.

Student Rule and General Rules
Faq and other need to knows

Most characters are open. Taken ones so far are: Jean Grey, Bobby Drake, Jubilation Lee, Domino, Logan, Victor Creed, St. John Allerdyce, Katherine Pryde, Remy Lebeau, Mercy Lebeau, Fifolet, and Tante Mattie. The other teachers are OC's currently, and no canon students as of yet.