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Mutants Only [Jun. 26th, 2006|05:09 am]
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Name: Mutants Only
Verse: None -- Alternate
Rating: 17+
Short Description: In a world just like ours, there two humanoid species; humans and mutants. In New York City, you will find two large mutant affiliations, rivaling against each other. However, on the surface, all you will see are two nightclubs, a restaurant, and a hostel.
OCs?: OCs Only.

Mutants Only:
The X-Club/The X Affiliation
(Leader: Carl Alexander)

On the surface, this affiliation is a small, but cosy restaurant. At night it acts as a nightclub. A few blocks away you will find a youth hostel in association with this affiliation, that is always full. That is because it is a shelter for mutants in need of protection. Behind the business, lies an affiliation of mutants who hope that the two species will one day live in harmony with each other.

The Dark Corner/The Dark Affiliation
(Leader: Markus Levigne)

On the surface, the Dark Corner is just a dodgy nightclub; the kind you wouldn't want to visit unless you were suicidal. On the door there's a sign that says "Mutants Only!" This is actually an affiliation with members who share one vision: mutant superiority. They are known for aggressive approaches. The Dark Affiliation has a headquarter located on an island far out in the ocean, where all members have a single room.

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